A custom solution that covers for your business needs only makes it easy for clients to fall in love with your service!


From Romanian traditional restaurant chains to pizza delivery houses, local famous clubs and even bar furniture providers, we've worked with them all! We've developed custom software solutions for their finance department, digital platforms for the venue staff, mobile apps for rewarding the guests, brand identity and launching campaigns for new projects, e-commerce websites, business consultancy and even off-line communication to close the gap with the digital world.

For every Horeca project, we've got a dedicated team that covers from business analysis to software development and online communication, making use of a wide range of technologies and automated tools. We're working close with our customers and creating successful long term partnerships confirmed by our partners customers' satisfaction.



Working for worldwide industry leaders
Online Marketing for the largest local restaurant chain
Business to business web campaigns for lead generation
Amazon Web Services Technology Partner Microsoft Partner Google Partner