Zitec products, our way of putting people first through technology

At Zitec, the technology that we create has always been about us, the people, and the community that we are part of. We believe that together we can change the world around us for the better and our tech reflects that.

Zitec products, our way of putting people first through technology

Fostering a culture of recognition and performance with Mirro

Mirro is an all-in-one team performance management platform that we initially created for our internal use, at Zitec, and we are now sharing it with users around the world.

With Mirro, giving and receiving feedback is as simple as pushing a button. Work anniversaries are a reason for public celebration. The onboarding process runs more smoothly online. And every team member knows exactly what is expected of them thanks to Mirro’s seamless Objectives and Key Results process.

A global approach

In its first year of launch, Mirro generated 15,000 performance-related interactions in organizations across 10 different countries.

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The digitalization of Romania, one city hall at a time, with Regista

Regista is a complete document registration and management app, which aims to encourage authorities to electronically register documents and petitions submitted by citizens in order to avoid congestion, limit or completely eliminate queues, and reduce bureaucracy.

Regista is user-friendly, as it can be accessed directly from the browser. It facilitates communication by allowing solicitors to reach institutions directly, thanks to the e-Government module. Regista is also a great way to cut costs, thanks to the solutions and systems it integrates, such as IoT.

Nationwide coverage

Regista is currently used in over 500 institutions across the country, covering all 41 Romanian counties.

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