Buy premium ad space at the best price, while targeting the appropriate audience.

Via our programmatic advertising services, we deliver customer-centric and tailored messages at the right time to the right people.

With us, get your set-up implementation for free

Large publishers reach

Engage target audience on millions of websites, publishers, and marketplaces.

Efficient optimisation

Reach effective audience conversions and results with ad optimisation.

Measurable results

Generate real budget results, brand growth, audience conversion, and reach your objectives.

Safety and protection

Keep your business and brand’s reputation safe while going online, only with programmatic.

Targeting strategies

Target customers across various devices with new tactics, but without high costs.

Better and higher ROI

Eliminate impressions waste and the wrong audiences, but improve the ROI.

With programmatic advertising we create efficient brand-building strategies that lead to customer acquisition, retention and conversion. Join us and you get the set-up implementation for free.
Audit and strategy

After analysing your previous process activity, we will create a strategic plan for ads content.

Setting Up the goals

Together we establish your KPIs, campaign parameters, and creative approach to reach high exposure.

Improved User Experience

Reach the targeted audience with the most accurate ad creatives and the right audience settings.

Content creation

Attract the audience with appealing content and impactful visuals that are consistent with your brand.

Campaign Launch

We put the campaign in motion, upload your creatives and conceive new strategies in case of potential issues

Real-time solutions

Offer real-time bidding ads, dynamic targeting, and tailored messages based on audience behaviour.

Optimisation & reports

We evaluate the strategy, customer behaviour, report the results for further performance optimisation.

Holistic strategy review

We reevaluate the ad performance and metrics to understand your campaign effectiveness.

Boost your brand awareness and gain conversion and retention with customisable ads.
10 Services to grow your brand
While companies invest around £48 million ($60 million) on programmatic advertising annually, the Zitec team of specialists has the expertise and programmatic knowledge to reach:

access to premium placements and websites

the right audience without high costs per action

high brand awareness and visibility

More impressions while increasing the revenue

We have a successful collaboration with Zitec for our digital marketing strategy, with a particular focus on paid media campaigns and social media. Since we started this partnership, we have seen consistent results and we have maintained ourselves as main players in the ever-changing digital environment. Zitec’s expertise and their way to interpret statistics and accurate data helped us to pitch different projects inside the company and make everyone realize that digital activities should receive a bigger piece of cake in terms of marketing budget.
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Catalin Cincu
Digital Marketing Specialist @ beko
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Did you know that programmatic advertising has been considered a key element in most digital ad budgets? Why?

Because of its scale and efficiency in targeting and placing digital advertising. For this reason, we offer you our robust and professional programmatic services in a bid to create brand-awareness strategies and growth methodologies.

Our specialists analyse the campaign data points to find solutions that enable your users access to valuable content and to elaborate comprehensive plans for customer retention and conversion.


Join us and you get the set-up implementation for free.


Bring your ads to life, make them memorable and fit your audience! 

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