G-Cloud 12 Framework

Zitec is now UK’s Government Crown Commercial Service approved supplier in the Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 12 Framework for Cloud Assessment, Planning & Migration Services.


The Digital Marketplace enables public sector organisations in the UK, including agencies and arm’s length bodies to find people and technology for digital projects. Suppliers that sell their services through the Digital Marketplace are approved on the relevant framework of their service offer, following an admission process with the UK government.

  • The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services.

  • Part of the cloud support category, Zitec’s CAPM (cloud assessment, planning & migration) service helps organizations efficiently adopt the public cloud. Be it an existing or a newly-developed application, our team will assist you through the entire process.

  • We cover Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud Platform.

Robust & Resilient Infrastructure (less Downtime)
Reduced Total-Cost-Of Ownership & Time-To-Market
Automated Processes, Scalable, Pay-For-What-You-Use Model
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Infrastructure & software audit


Architecture diagram for the cloud setup


Acceptance testing environment setup


Define the infrastructure using “Infrastructure-as-Code” concepts


Automate the config management & deployment processes


Fully management go-live process

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Projects Stages


The planning process is an essential stage of our cloud assessment, planning & migration projects.


The planning stage usually involves two activities:

  • Existing infrastructure audit – reveals the dependencies and requirements of the target application
  • Architecture diagram activity – involves documenting an optimal setup for the new hosting environment

Optionally, we can include a platform/vendor selection phase to help organizations decide on which platform best suits their needs.

2Setup and migration

The migration step is the core of our CAPM service. It follows the assessment and planning stages and it usually covers the following activities:

  • Setting up a validation/acceptance environment
  • Deploying the customer applications on the acceptance environment
  • Defining the cloud infrastructure using declarative templates
  • Migrating the production data to the cloud platform
  • Defining and executing the go-live strategy

Our cloud engineers have broad experience in migrating applications between different platforms, including:

  • On-premises to Azure/AWS/Google Cloud
  • AWS to Azure and vice-versa
  • Azure to Google Cloud

3Quality assurance and performance testing

Compatibility and performance testing are integral parts our migration services. Our QA and SysOps teams will always make sure the application ‘s integrity is not affected by the migration process. Additionally, we can run performance or stress tests on the cloud infrastructure before going live, making sure that the performance for individual requests and the system’s throughput capacity are in line with the customer’s expectations. We do ask our customers to provide resources for acceptance testing.

4Ongoing support

Zitec usually provides infrastructure management services/support as a distinct service, it can also be included as an extension to the CAPM project.

Our managed services activities usually include (but are not limited to):

  • Active monitoring and alerting
  • Periodic infrastructure audits & optimization suggestions
  • Automating routine processes
  • Helpdesk


As an extension to the migration service, we also help organizations get up-to-speed with the essential cloud infrastructure management concepts. Trainings can be delivered both on-site or online and can range from a one-day crash course up to a full week deep-dive.

Servicii complexe

  • Arhitectură Software
  • Dezvoltare Solutii Integrate
  • Dezvoltare Aplicații Web
  • Produse SaaS
  • Dezvoltare aplicații Android și iOS
  • Publicare, mentenanță, optimizare App Store
  • Dezvoltare Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Soluții native și multiplatformă
  • Mentenanță Magento
  • Mentenanță Symfony
  • Mentenanță WordPress
  • Mentenanță Vtex
  • Audit pe securitate a aplicațiilor
  • Protecția datelor
  • Testare de penetrare
  • Training-uri de securitate
  • Teste de Penetrare Cibernetică
  • Servicii de Securitate Recurente
  • Training în Securitatea Cibernetică
  • Consultanță în Securitatea și Protecția Datelor
  • Optimizare SEO
  • Audit si Web Analytics
  • Campanii Pay Per Click
  • Email Marketing
  • Dezvoltare Blockchain
  • Dezvoltare Portofel Electronic
  • Dezvoltare Smart Contracts
  • Design de Criptomonede/Token
  • Testare Performanță
  • Testare Automatizată
  • Testare Independentă
  • Servicii DevOps
  • Magazine online
  • Arhitectură software
  • Migrare și Integrare
  • Audit de infrastructură
  • Servicii de migrare si găzduire Cloud
  • Optimizare Arhitectură Cloud
  • Servicii de Cloud Computing
  • Servicii DevOps
  • Audit de uzabilitate
  • Grafică & Web Design
  • Identitate de brand
  • Wireframe-uri și prototipuri
  • Ghid tehnic de implementare
  • Parteneriat de implementare
  • Evaluarea gradului de inovare
  • Consultanță în obținerea de fonduri


Zitec is proud to be offering services on the G-Cloud framework, part of the UK Government’s online Digital Marketplace. With over ten years of experience working with various cloud service providers, we’re equipped with the tools, technology, and resources to support our clients’ transition towards a cloud-first strategy.

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