Cyber Security Penetration Testing

Our experts are ready to gain assurance in the security system by mimicking real attacks while breaching some or all features of an application, framework, or network. We test targeted components via penetration testing.


We leverage our methodologies and security expertise with targeted threat research, to proactively identify specific areas of exposure and weaknesses. If any of the below concerns constitutes a challenge, let our security team tackle them!

Possibility of becoming a victim of a hack attack

Effectiveness of your security controls

Accuracy of the company’s security operations


We provide a comprehensive portfolio of penetration testing services aimed at helping you identify gaps and vulnerabilities before the threat actor does.

Web application penetration testing

Our front-end and back-end competences make us a good candidate to assess the architecture, design, infrastructure and configuration of your web application, web services and APIs.

Mobile application penetration testing

We test vulnerabilities at the device and API level. Strengthen your data protection and data storage controls by allowing us to check and recommend the best security solutions.

External & internal network security services

We can provide you with an accurate overview of your Internet exposure and how to mend any affected internal systems or any issue that could allow an attacker to perform lateral movement inside your infrastructure.

Cloud and Hybrid infrastructure security assessment

Before a real hacking incident occurs, ensure that your cloud configuration is consistent with the highest security standards. Request our security report assessment and learn how to remediate safety issues.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Gain confidence in your cloud system. Grant us access to your infrastructure and allow us to help you improve your security posture. Determine how to leverage any access obtained via exploitation.

Active Directory Penetration Testing

Lower the risk of getting hacked by simulating access to the corporate network and to all the paths that elevate user privileges. We will help you determine the full-scale of your cyber security strategy.


Having critical information at the right time is the first step in a hacker’s activity – both for a black- or white- hat researcher. We can be one step in front of cyber attackers by gathering information that could constitute their target.
The more sensitive information about external network assets belonging to your company, the more the probability to obtain essential results. We check everything from servers, websites, routers, printers, employee’s stations, APIs, and VPNs.
When cyber attackers are attempting to get hold of services running on remote hosts on local network infrastructure devices, we are here to ensure that scanning and searching through your records is a task hard to breach.
Offering vulnerability assessment services allows us to quantify, classify and analyze security gaps in your infrastructure and applications. In this phase, we can cover large suites of known risks and weak points.
Using the data identified in the previous steps, we can compromise your website, portals, VPNs or email services and gain unauthorized access into a network internal system. Let us exploit these before real attackers get control over them.
We analyze the data, review our findings, create a complete assessment and report any vulnerabilities for you to better reevaluate your current infrastructure, business risks and remediate the costs.



We perform in-depth manual tests and analysis on your business logic and posture. This method enables our experts to become white-hat hackers, by simulating computer attacks from a real hacker’s perspective.


This method lets us identify the known gaps by using automatic scanning tools. We bring into play manual attacks, which are customized for the specifics of the target system, correlated with the vulnerability lists TOP 10 OWASP, TOP 20 SANS.


Our security experts are familiar with and perform 3 types of penetration testing: Black Box, Grey Box and White Box. The testing methodology depends on the complexity of your infrastructure.


You will have access to a dedicated team of highly experienced and certified professionals.


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Testing the boundaries:
The story of a voluntary pen-test exercise

Shifting from traditional processes to the new ways of digital transformation can leave space for security errors. A penetration testing exercise leads to beneficial findings and learnings regarding potential vulnerabilities. We covered all these in a free to download whitepaper.


Ensure your organization avoids vulnerabilities and prevents them from the incipient stages. Our methods offer a holistic approach to your security needs. Via the information gathering process, we engage in the first step to pilling up the comprehensive analysis we make to discover even the smallest vulnerability assets.

No stone is left unturned as our experts exploit, review and report everything and anything. We offer ethical and personalized methods for you to find peace of mind when it comes to anything security-related.

Let us test your cyber system and we can send you measurable results of our external scan. Provide us with your contact details!

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