Recommendations AI

Deliver personalized product recommendations based on AI and Machine Learning to drive sales and increase your conversion rate.


With Recommendations AI, you can deliver product recommendations customized to each customer’s tastes and preferences, helping you prove how well you understand them.

As Retail continues to advance digitally, customers now expect personalization as a standard of service. Recommendations AI draws on Google’s extensive experience in delivering personalized content across Google-owned properties. Highly relevant recommendations can be delivered across all your touchpoints, via web, mobile, email, and more, anywhere in the customer journey.

Recommendations AI is currently in private beta. Zitec has been listed by Google Cloud as one of the first Recommendations AI partners worldwide and the only Eastern European Partner with access to implement the solution for our clients.

Go to Market in 1 Month
Predictable Costs
Designed for Immediate Results
Google Google Premier Google Cloud Partner

Early results
from retailers around the world

  • +90%

    click-through rate

    driven by recommendations
  • +40%


    driven by recommendations
  • +50%


    driven by recommendations
  • +5%

    total revenue per visit

    driven by recommendations

* Source: Google LLC. Actual results will vary by retailer.

Accelerate your online business with the power of AI

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You benefit from


Access to Google’s Cloud latest machine learning architectures

Explore the benefits of a system that dynamically adapts to real-time customer behavior and to changes in relevant variables.

A fully managed service

Machine Learning experience or preexisting recommendation systems are not required.

Short-time implementation and model training so you can get results fast

Integrate your data, configure recommendations, and track results, all from a user-friendly graphical interface.

Predictable costs and simple pricing plan

A clear implementation cost and full control of your budget by paying only for the predictions you consume.

Competitive advantage by using a fast setup ML/AI service

You save on extensive investment in hiring highly trained staff or training ML/AI skills to an existing workforce.

A customizable recommendations model you can easily experiment with

Experiment with scenarios (“Others you may like”), objectives (engagement, conversions, revenue per session) and fine-tune results.

We can help you have a go-to-market
model in 1 month


Ingest your data

  • Provide detailed and up-to-date product catalog data to Recommendations AI.
  • Start to track and send user-events to Recommendations AI.

Customize your recommendations

  • Select your recommendations type scenarios (“other you may like”, “frequently bought together”).
  • Select the objectives of your model (engagement, conversions, revenue per session).

Deliver recommendations at customer touchpoints

  • Show recommendations on any of your channels, anywhere in the customer journey.
  • Set up A/B testing to compare website performance with enabled Recommendations AI (optional).

Accelerate your online business with the power of AI

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