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NFTs are the latest crypto industry buzzword, changing the way we buy or sell digital assets, creating new markets, and redefining the way brands engage with their consumers and drive revenue stream.

We can help you launch your own non-fungible token by building the blockchain infrastructure for any asset that can be tokenized.



NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, represent a blockchain-based digital proof of ownership for virtual assets – such as artworks, in-game items, animated GIFs, or collectibles. NFTs have seen explosive growth in 2021, hitting an all-time record for funding and deals, with a 6,523% jump from 2020’s full-year funding total and a 593% increase in deal count.

As the metaverse begins to take shape, brands need to ensure digital ownership by leveraging blockchain and NFTs to generate buzz and build engaged communities.

Powered by smart contracts, NFTs hold a lot of promise when it comes to brand awareness, engagement and loyalty, sales distribution and additional revenue stream, expanding their purpose in both the digital and physical world.


NFTs have altered the definition of art and have given artists a new universe of possibilities to freely express themselves in the digital space. Thanks to their non-fungible method of giving ownership and authenticity to digital items that could otherwise be copied, NFTs have democratized art and transformed it into an alternative investment tool. Through the smart contract mechanisms attached to them, NFTs will reward artists with royalty fees every time their work is purchased.


NFTs are a great way for sports fans to engage with their favourite teams or athletes. Sports collectibles such as virtual baseball trading cards, clips of sporting moments, memorabilia, and even tickets are now increasingly being brought into the digital world, through NFTs. As they evolve, soon including athlete-branded digital versions of physical world objects such as jerseys or sneakers, NFTs will certainly mark a new chapter for digital commerce in sports.


Downloadable in-game items such as skins, weapons, or other digital enhancements are not a new thing. But the NFTs’ potential in the gaming world represents the ownership of a one-of-a-kind item, reselling it to other players, or carrying it between games. While NFTs in gaming have not picked up as much traction as, for example in art, with only a handful of big game producers like Ubisoft launching NFTs so far, the trend is here to stay and more companies are experimenting.


NFTs are a growing subculture in fashion, revolving around digital design and digital clothing. Retail fashion and luxury brands are increasingly using NFTs as part of their marketing mix, with Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci leading the way. As the metaverse is becoming more integrated into society and we make the transition to phygital – where you can have a real product with an associated NFT that unlocks the same product in virtual environments – NFTs in fashion are expected to become mainstream in the coming years.


The music and entertainment industry generates $43 billion in revenue, with only 12% going to content creators. So it’s no wonder that NFTs are gaining traction as a response to shifting trends in how digital content is produced and consumed. NFTs are picking up steam in the M&E industry and several artists have already tested its waters: in one of the largest music NFT deals, 3LAU sold 33 NFTs on the third anniversary of his album for over $11 million; Grimes sold almost $6 million in NFTs in just 20 minutes; Kings of Leon sold 6,500 copies of “NFT Yourself” for a total of $2.2 million.

Supply Chain

Supply chain operators are tapping into NFT use cases, leveraging the uniqueness and traceability of the assets to help demonstrate provenance and prevent counterfeited products from entering the market. One of the best-known examples is in the luxury goods market, where operators including Prada and LVMH have teamed up to launch a blockchain platform called Aura. When consumers buy a high-end product, they’ll be provided with a corresponding one-of-a-kind “digital twin” NFT that contains information about the materials, manufacturing process, and origin.


We are an end-to-end NFT development partner. We’ve been working on blockchain projects since 2016 and have the necessary know-how to develop your dream NFT projects.

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Digital Artist

  • NFT factory (EVM smart-contract)
  • API service (mint NFT, list NFT, sell NFT, integrate OpenSea)
  • NFT listing website
  • NFT verification service (Etherscan, Coinmarketcap, OpenSea, MetaMask)
From 9.8K EUR

Crypto Elite

  • Everything in Digital Artist +
  • Custom website design
  • NFT manager dashboard
  • Resource access management

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NFTs hold opportunities for all businesses to exhibit their uniqueness, grow their own value, create demand, and offer engaging customer experiences. NFTs can be used to reward high-value customers, offer incentives, or other special benefits, while providing all the benefits of blockchain, like decentralized marketplaces, transparency, authenticity, and better security.

Ready to take advantage of this unique emerging technology? Our team of experts has expertise in building end-to-end NFT tokens for a variety of ecosystems and making your brand a leader in the digital future!

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