Quality policy


The policy of ZITEC COM SRL is to demonstrate, through individual performance and by concentrating the efforts of all its employees, that continuous satisfaction of our customers and other interested parties is achieved, in accordance with everyone’s right to a healthy environment, to safe working conditions and that compliance with the legislation applicable to the activities carried out in the field of Consultancy for provision of End to End IT solutions to the Client and the Development, implementation and maintenance of the Software application is achieved.

Our organization focuses on its customers, in order to ensure that their requirements and expectations are determined and fulfilled, to ensure greater satisfaction of the interested parties, economic efficiency and profit.

We give assurance to our customers and interested parties that ZITEC has a permanent concern for complying with the legal requirements and regulations applicable to any of the present and future activities and for improving the performance of the quality management system on a permanent basis.

ZITEC has implemented a flexible quality management system which at the same time complies with the requirements of the reference standard SR EN ISO 9001:2015 and the applicable statutory requirements. This system is applicable throughout the entire organization and it is binding for all its employees.

As CEO of ZITEC, I maintain the focus towards the continual improvement of our products and services and the efficiency of the quality management system.

The provisions and dispositions covered by the quality management system manual and its related procedures shall constitute our engagement towards our customers and interested parties, that the provided products and services satisfy the requirements related to quality in agreements and also in the applicable legislation and other regulations.

For maintaining and developing the Quality Management System we undertake to ensure the necessary material and human resources. The management expects all employees understand and comply with the quality management system’s policy and procedures.

Our policy shall be reviewed annually in order to be continuously changed and tailored to our business and to make it available for the entire staff of the organization and also for the interested parties.