Blockchain Solutions

Harness the power of blockchain through market-ready solutions in fintech, across areas as Trade Finance, Digital Assets Management, Payments, or build decentralized solutions for non-financial industries, from data ownership management to supply chain.

6+ Years experience
in Blockchain
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all over the world
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We’ve been working on blockchain & fintech projects since 2016 and have the necessary manpower and know-how to develop your dream product.


Guaranteed Security

Blockchains store data using sophisticated math and innovative software rules that are extremely hard to tamper with by attackers.

Speed and Cost-Efficiency

Gain momentum for faster and more secure transactions, streamline and automate back-office ops, and cut costs by leveraging the cloud.

Reduced Error Handling

Any data recorded on a blockchain is trackable in real-time, leaving a very detailed audit trail. Error handling becomes unnecessary.


Our blockchain technology safeguards transparency by storing information in a manner that cannot be altered without recording the changes.

Blockchain Specialists

Technologies and platforms such as Ethereum and EOS.IO hold no secret to us. We’ve used them across multiple projects.

Complex services

We facilitate your access to other Zitec teams of specialists, like software development. You can hire end-to-end services from one single partner.

Blockchain Services

Blockchain consulting
Cryptocurrency / Token design
Smart contract development
Decentralised finance solutions
Distributed autonomous organization development
Blockchain development
Exchange development
Decentralised exchange development
Wallet development
Decentralised solutions audit
Mining solutions
Automated testing

Our blockchain process

We adapt and customize our approach for every business need, but there are elements that remain unchanged


Strategy Evaluation

Global perspective: considering your goals, we assess blockchain applicability and business impact.


Prototyping & Design

Integrated approach: we take into account the people, process, operating model, and technology.


Solution Implementation

Future-ready result: complex implementation management, third-party integration, and custom coding.


Ecosystem Management

Leave it to us: we will continue to handle the operation of your new blockchain networks and ecosystems.


Blockchain is the go-to technology of the future. As an early adopter and tech leader, we can help you determine if this is the proper solution for your specific business challenges, if it’s a match for your existing IT investment and if it can help you attain your goals. 


As blockchain shifts from hype to effective implementation, it’s becoming clear that the process involves more than just technology. Blockchain is also a business decision that can strengthen your company’s continuity and make it future-proof even during a period of social uncertainty or a crisis.


Our experts can help you develop and integrate blockchain solutions. Discover how we can work together to put the technology to work for you

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