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Uncover your digital product’s usability issues and get actionable recommendations for a seamless user journey and maximized user retention & ROI with a UX Audit from Zitec.

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UX-Audit-Uncover usability issues​-icon

Uncover usability issues

Find out what features of the existing product fail to meet your customers’ needs.​

88% of online users won’t return to a website after they had a poor experience.

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Increase user satisfaction

Make customers return for more by better understanding them and answering their needs.

90% of users stop using an app due to poor performance leading to a bad experience.

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Maximize conversion

Discover what prevents users from engaging with your product and becoming customers.

52% of users say the main reason why they won’t return to a website is aesthetics.
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Gain competitive advantage

Uncover the true potential of your product and make its value more appealing to customers.

Only 55% of companies are currently conducting user experience testing.

Examples of UX/UI audit issues



Cognitive walkthrough is the first evaluation method we use in the UX audit process. Our UX/UI experts define the main tasks that are generally carried out by your users and then reproduce them as if they were performed by a primary user. Afterwards, we assess the level of usability of your product.


Heuristic evaluation is the second method in the UX audit process. Our UX professionals examine the product using a detailed checklist to find usability problems that need to be fixed, based on the following criteria:

  • Nielsen Norman Group’s 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design.
  • ISO 9241-110:2020 Ergonomics of human-system.



Client Briefing

You receive an online questionnaire through which you can communicate information about the product and business goals.


Stakeholder Interview

We get together to discuss the details of the process, the timeline and resources needed to perform the UX audit in due time.


UX Audit Evaluation

A UX specialist analyzes your product with the purpose of identifying usability issues and improvement possibilities.



You receive a UX audit report with the usability score for your product, an evaluation report and recommended actions for improvement.

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The website redesign of the most loved Romanian brand:

Arctic has completely redesigned the website with help from our UX/UI design team. What did this holistic approach mean for the brand? They chose us as their partners in their redesign journey in terms of information architecture, digital visual language, and usability.

The new version of the platform designed by Zitec performs better than the previous one, and the time spent by the users on the platform has increased. In addition, they explain complex information to the client in an understandable way. Overall, we’re highly satisfied with their work. They are determined and enthusiastic when it comes to working on a new project.
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Diana Matache - Community Manager, Startarium


You have three options at your disposal – Holistic, Premier and Privilege – that will help you better understand the customers’ needs and offer the recommendations that lead to generating sales and increasing the conversion rate. Choose the right option and Zitec guarantees the following deliverables:

Acquaintance discussion – we discuss all the necessary details for the process.

Annotated examples – performance graphical representations.

Inspection method – cognitive walkthrough – we assess the usability level of the product.

Report summary – summary of results, identified issues and recommendations.

Testing scenarios – depending on the chosen package, we test and identify the problems.

Desktop & mobile testing – we evaluate the user experience on all devices.

UX Audit Holistic

For simple eCommerce websites.

3 testing scenarios

From €1400

UX Audit Premier

For websites with various product categories.

6 testing scenarios

FROM €2000

UX Audit Privilege

For complex eCommerce websites.

Unlimited scenarios

FROM €2700

Audit Deliverables


UX Audit Report

Once the testing scenarios are performed on desktop and mobile through cognitive walkthrough and heuristic evaluation, you receive the executive summary with positive findings and identified issues with recommended solutions.


Usability Score

You discover the usability score of your product based on specific criteria and a chart representation of your digital performance. This will help you understand how effective, efficient and engaging your website is.


Task Summary

You secure a thorough plan with actionable recommendations and clear tasks that will help you achieve the desired level of engagement and usability for your website to attract, engage and delight your customers.


A UX Audit is the perfect opportunity to get to know your users better and respond to their needs and expectations. Once you’re equipped with the insights and recommendations from the UX audit report, your journey to improve user satisfaction and retention will get to a whole new level.

Ready to take advantage of a UX audit? Our UX specialists have extensive knowledge and expertise in conducting powerful and insightful UX audits for various clients and making their digital products stand out. Contact us!

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