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Having a feature-rich, easy-to-manage online store on an eCommerce platform with a solid WooCommerce foundation can become a reality. 

Whether we’re developing them from scratch or upgrading your existing platform, we deliver easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized and secure products. With us, you can benefit from brand awareness, reach, integrated back-end functionalities, better user experiences, and conversions at a low budget.



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Why Zitec and why WordPress

Let’s bring your vision for your online business to life. At Zitec, our expertise in WordPress and WooCommerce is at your disposal. You are at the heart of every decision we make.

Leave your platform in the specialists’ hands. You’ll get a fast and professional web development process involving both modules and custom development, as well as further help with process automation and ongoing maintenance of operations.

Combine functionality with aesthetics and intuitiveness in a unique, responsive design that is adaptable to any device. With us, you will benefit from the latest UX/UI trends that match your brand’s vision and an easy-to-use CMS (content management system) that allows for in-house content management.

With our cybersecurity measures designed to comply with both applicable local and international laws, as well as security & data protection standards, you can ensure secure operations and functionalities of your website – a must especially nowadays.

You will have a sustainable partnership based on visibility and communication. Whether it’s about understanding your target audience and existing objectives, or discovering your ideal needs and services, you’ll benefit from 1-on-1 business consulting and technical auditing.

For optimal brand positioning and outreach to other markets, you need a strong digital marketing strategy. Our marketing specialists at Zitec can provide you with comprehensive advice, as well as services in online marketing campaigns.

Since every user interaction with your website represents a potential profit for your business, we come up with solutions and features (e.g. forms, contact buttons) that maximize your leads, customer loyalty & retention, and sales.



Packages and services

From consultancy and audits to implementation and maintenance, our services put your business on the online map.

End-to-end packages
From €7.000
Let's get started
From €15.000
Let's get started
Custom price
Let's get started
Mobile-first approach
We ensure a seamless adaptability and a superior user experience across all devices.
Loading speed
We specialize in optimizing loading speeds and deploying tailor-made solutions to achieve outstanding performance scores.
Easy admin
We simplify workflow and administrative tasks via user-friendly optimizations, enabling seamless internal changes and better experience.
Security & data protection
We offer robust security, proactive and preventative risk management methods, automated backups to defend against cyber threats.
GDPR & data collection
Our compliance specialists have the know-how in secure data practices and transparent management to protect your business and customers.
Digital marketing
Web analysis & tracking
We verify the correct setup of the existing data-collection ecosystem and offer advice on the implementation of additional workflows if necessary.
Search Engine optimization
We provide technical and content optimization for search engines, implementing SEO strategies that aim to maximize your site’s online visibility.
WooCommerce modules integration
We use WordPress to integrate and create a dynamic and efficient WooCommerce online store.
Payment & invoicing processor, delivery provider integration
We offer an end-to-end integration solution, including payment processors, billing systems, and delivery service providers.
Other integration features
We can implement over 840 extensions, including features for recommended products and loyalty programs, or any functionality in the WooCommerce ecosystem.
UX/UI design
UX/UI services
We perform UX audits, usability or A/B testing, competitive analysis, and more to uncover site effectiveness and identify real user interactions.
We are experts in wireframing & prototyping, UI design and visual understanding of existing and future projects, ensuring a seamless transition from vision to tangible design.
Custom developments
Design implementations
We seamlessly blend design creation with practical implementation for a cohesive and visually stunning digital experience.
API implementations & third-party module integrations
We offer API implementations and third-party module integrations, streamlining processes and services connectivity (e.g. integrating inventory management systems with your online store).
Integration of web accessibility standards
We respond to diverse needs and requirements, ensuring inclusiveness and providing accessible and easy-to-use functionality for everyone.
Multilingual functionality
We have expertise in creating multilingual modules to connect with diverse audiences, while expanding your global presence.
Custom module and theme development
We create from scratch custom modules and themes that meet your unique needs and ensure a seamless online presence for your users.

Special services

Besides the 3 standard packages, we can help you with additional services for your unique needs.

Consultancy & audit

From €2.000

 Detailed audits
 Strategic insights
Guidance for code optimization
User experience improvement consulting


From €1.000

Ongoing support
Updates & upgrades
Proactive measures
Smooth site operation

Hosting – Shared/Cloud

Custom price

Shared or cloud hosting
Individual hosting services
Integrated services with Microsoft Azure
Integrated services with Google Cloud
Integrated services with AWS
What our customers say
Zitec proved to be one of the most reliable partners to take care of our platforms. The workflow is always based on better understanding our core needs. Everything was completed as required, always having a very smooth communication either with the developers or the project manager.
Adelina Panaite, Operations Manager, Narada
What our customers say
On the B2B channel we wanted to capture qualified leads which hopefully would result in sales increase. Zitec came with a thoughtful process in which they translated our needs to the required technology, product attributes, and then we committed on a clear timetable orthodoxly respected. Once the web app was released, it received positive comments from both internal and external stakeholders, thanks to Zitec. We appreciate their ability to understand the project needs and translate them into a product or service ready to be used.
Lucian Nistoroiu, Brand Manager, Strauss Group
What our customers say
The new version of the platform designed by Zitec performs better than the previous one, and the time spent by the users on the website has increased. They are determined and enthusiastic when it comes to working on a new project. They are super responsive, whenever there is a thing that we need to fix, and they manage everything ASAP to find a solution.
Diana Matache, Community Manager, Startarium
What our customers say
The challenge for us was integrating the site platform with core banking applications as well as with other databases specific to financial banking activities. The project management team was very transparent; we had direct access to the Redmine platform to follow all the steps of the project. We admire the team’s flexibility and speed in developing alternative solutions to the problems inherent in large projects.
Online Marketing Manager, Bank
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Pre-existing software projects, constantly improved by a top team


To align the Beko.ro website with the visual language used in other Beko markets, modernizing the site, incorporating visual design principles and adding new functionalities were the perfect solutions.

In this way, Beko was able to provide a balance between maintaining global brand consistency and integrating local design elements, enhancing the user experience.

Following the desire to modernize the education system, Narada has opted for our agile approach in creating an AI assistant pilot that designs assessment tests.

This innovation simplifies the process of creating assessment tests through different types of questions (multiple choice, single choice, and true or false), providing 500,000 children in Romania with the opportunity to increase their learning.

Through a UX design audit and applicable data-driven recommendations, we were able to improve the usability issues of the University of Economic Studies of Bucharest (ASE).

Now, ASE offers content, visuals, and CTAs that resonate with its users, enabling personalized marketing communications.

The need for a more robust website that avoids online downtime and a technologically- and visually-rigid infrastructure led to Mobino’s decision to revamp and recreate its website design.
Today, Mobino benefits from a consumer usability-driven homepage interface and a responsive, mobile-friendly design.

Presentation, custom, and WooCommerce website development services

Imagine a modern website, with no broken functionalities or chaotic look. Wondering how to achieve it? We offer you the best tools and solutions for developing web projects and mobile apps, presentation websites or WooCommerce stores. From consultancy and analysis, to development and maintenance, you’ll work with WordPress experts.

Still don’t know your business needs? Don’t worry. We’re here to audit your site down to the smallest detail. We’ll go together over every detail in understanding the optimal solutions and development process.

Let’s build your website in WordPress!

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