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A reliable & experienced partner for your application modernization journey.

WE COVER YOUR DevOps needs

Our DevOps services will help you create a reliable development environment for efficient application delivery, ensure a shorter time to market and increase software quality.

Why DevOps


more software updates in just one year.


lower error rate generated by a software update.


faster live software update from the moment a developer saves new code.


faster recovery time to a functional software after an application update downtime.

Source: Google’s State of DevOps 2021 report.
The above highlights the elite’s group results vs low performers.

Cloud Automation

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Configuration as Code (CaC)
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Observability
  • Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Highly Available & Elastic Setup

Reduce costs with each infrastructure deployment or scaling, work more efficiently and reuse your infrastructure components for production, staging, or development environments. Our DevOps engineers will help you build and maintain a reliable, well-documented and version-controlled infrastructure.

Whether it’s servers, load balancers, firewalls, databases, VPC, subnets, or container clusters, we’ll write the code and blend in Infrastructure as Code with the existing CI/CD pipelines as part of the SDLC. We cover all major cloud providers (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS), on-premise infrastructures and work with both IaaS and Containers.


Application Modernization

  • Kubernetes
  • Application Containerization
  • Cloud-Native Architecture
  • Serverless Deployments
  • Cloud Application Migration
  • Pipelines Building and Deployment

Increase the reliability, scalability and security of your application stack and reduce development, staging and production costs.

Our experienced DevOps team can support your organization as an external consultant or implementation partner in workloads containerization or migration to a serverless architecture. It’s time to reconsider your legacy applications by making them cloud-ready to enjoy the cloud benefits in terms of scalability, flexibility and performance.

With our application modernization services you can seamlessly host your apps in the cloud, increase resilience, improve cost-efficiency and accelerate speed to market.

Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Migration Planning
  • Migration Business Case
  • Cloud Cost Forecasting
  • Infrastructure Migration and Right-Sizing
  • Database Migration to Managed Services
  • Cloud Optimization for Security, Performance and Cost

Organizations can expand and grow their business effortlessly by leveraging cloud capabilities for performance increase, disaster recovery, customer satisfaction and cost reduction. Migration to the cloud becomes vital for companies looking to achieve digital transformation and leverage growth opportunities by modernizing their applications and infrastructure. Regardless of your migration strategy, at Zitec we have the skills and experience to support you in every stage of the cloud migration process.


Professional & Managed DevOps Services

As every business’ needs are unique, our team of highly experienced DevOps engineers can provide customized services for every stage of your cloud journey, from awareness to expert advice and implementation, whether it’s cloud deployments, advanced cloud operational optimization or DevOps methodologies. Depending on your needs, we provide customized services on-demand or subscription-based.

Our Managed DevOps packages come in different flavors, such as:

  • Team extension for companies with existing DevOps capabilities;
  • Fully outsourced team for companies with no DevOps capabilities.

Choosing a Managed DevOps package guarantees your access to our most experienced DevOps engineers, discounts and reserved availability of DevOps engineers.

Cloud & DevOps Strategy and Consulting

  • Existing Infrastructure Audit (resources & costs)
  • Technology, Processes and Resources Assessment
  • Infrastructure Architecture Analysis (GCP, Azure, AWS, on-prem)
  • Go-to-Cloud Roadmap
  • Infrastructure Security and Compliance Check
  • Cloud Maturity Assessment
  • Cloud Automation Consulting
  • Kubernetes and Containerization
  • Application Modernization Strategy
  • Workshops and Proofs of Concept

Zitec is a certified Azure Digital & App Innovation solutions partner with expertise in managing a broad array of cloud setups for corporations and enterprises since 2012. Even earlier, we have been using AWS in our software solutions since 2007.

We’ve been successfully implementing cloud projects starting with 2018 and are proud to have become a Google Cloud Premier Partner in 2020, a top-level recognition for our capabilities and performance in driving business impact with Google Cloud. As cloud natives, we have the proven skills and expertise to deliver sustainable solutions for even the most challenging business scenarios.



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You will have access to a dedicated team of highly experienced and certified professionals.



delivered projects


Net Promoter Score

(64 - top industry score)


Customer Satisfaction Score

(80 - the gold standard in the industry)





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DevOps Benefits

With Zitec, the synergy between development and operations brings outstanding benefits to your business.

DevOps Team Extension

Forget about the stress of expanding your own team. Save time and money by gaining access to our experienced DevOps engineers as your team extension.

Cost Optimization

Reduce costs with your infrastructure modernization and resources optimization, work more efficiently and get the maximum value from your investment.

Increased Reliability & Scalability

Expand your business by operating your infrastructure and development processes at scale, and manage complex or changing systems more efficiently.

Streamlined Delivery

Streamline the release cycles of any type of application. Ensure stable and automated processes to allow better risk management and higher code quality.

Advanced Security

Shift from a defensive to a proactive approach to your security practices by leveraging the entire range of capabilities of leading public cloud providers.

Improved Collaboration

Build more effective and accountable development and operations teams, and combine their workflows to reduce inefficiencies and save time.

DevOps tech stack

A modern combination of tools and platforms will help you respond to change and innovate at scale.


Let’s find the right DevOps setup for your business

The way companies succeed in assuring a reliable development environment will influence their time to market strategies, the quality of their software products and the way they succeed in building a competitive advantage.

As a leading end-to-end business solutions provider, we’ll efficiently bridge the gap between development and operations and streamline your delivery process, ensuring the best DevOps approach for your business needs and software applications.

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