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Support in obtaining grants for your innovative idea and partnership towards its implementation.


Big ideas are more than simply products of imagination. Turning innovative ideas into great products is what we aim for.

Through our Innovation Grants Consulting we provide our clients end-to-end professional consultancy services and partnership to obtain innovation grants and implement them, bringing new and improved digital products/processes into the market. Thus, our partners will benefit from an integrated solution: consulting in obtaining grants for their projects, along with access to the full range of innovative technologies in our portfolio.

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How It Works

1 Fill in the form to pitch your idea
2 Upload a pitch presentation of your project (up to 10 slides)
3 Your proposed project will be reviewed by us
4 We will set up a meeting and discuss the proposed development and roles, as well as the available funding instruments

What is innovation?

Innovation is defined as the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value for customers.

In order to be financed by the European Union through framework programs, for example, a project should propose an innovation which has a broad impact, ideally at European level. Depending on the financing instrument we propose, the innovation level might have a higher or lower degree of importance.

Fill in the form and pitch your idea

Zidox Innovative platform for management of human resources

General objectives

The objective of the project is to support the growth of Zitec Com’s competitiveness through the development of an innovative IT application for human resource management of companies. The product will be added to the company’s existing range of services, ensuring entry into a new market that has not been addressed so far – the human resources management market. The application aims at automating and optimizing human resources’ management processes within a company.

Key performance indicators

Number of innovative products / services / applications developed:1
Number of developed modules:15
Number of beneficiaries of the innovative application – developed through the project:12
Investment performance on product / service / application development:0.08

Specific objectives

Develop and integrate the 15 application’s modules;
Testing, validating and integrating the new product into the market.


Project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020

The total value of the project (lei): 4,495,753.67
EU co-financing amount (lei): 1,662,585.48

Help Me Brush Improving oral care in nursing homes

General objectives

The HELP ME BRUSH PROJECT will build and evaluate a new and innovative ICT-based care product: The HELP ME BRUSH SYSTEM for improving the oral hygiene of elderly residents living in a nursing home. The HELP ME BRUSH SYSTEM can identify residents that have not received the minimum oral care needed and remind the caregivers to facilitate the missing toothbrushing actions and notify informal caregivers as relevant. tested as a research prototype (TRL-8) in two Danish nursing homes in Copenhagen and Billund. The main aim of this short collaborative project is to improve and evaluate the current prototype in a co-creation effort between business partners and end-user nursing home partners and Billund public dentist services, both of which have requested the changes that are to be implemented and evaluated during this short collaborative project. ZITEC shall lead the co-creation efforts to build a seamless and effective web and app-based user interface for formal and informal caregivers that will be relevant across the European Union.

Specific objectives

ZITEC shall lead the co-creation efforts to develop new HELP ME BRUSH web and smart phone apps to meet the requirements of the participating end-user organizations and informal caregivers through co-creation efforts

Key performance indicators

Number of innovative products / services / applications developed:1


Project co-funded by the Active Assisted Living Programe

The total value of the project (lei): 208.283,00
EU co-financing amount (lei): 77.697,00
Romanian Government co-financing amount (lei): 88.929,00

Full end-to-end services

  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Application Modernization
  • Productivity and Collaboration
  • Data & Machine Intelligence
  • Mobile solutions
  • Software architecture
  • Embedded solutions
  • Web application development
  • iOS and Android apps development
  • App Store: Publishing, Maintenance, Optimization
  • Progressive Web App Development (PWA)
  • Blockchain Development
  • Wallet Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Cryptocurrency / Token Design
  • Performance testing
  • Automated testing
  • Independent testing
  • Software Architecture
  • Audit application-wide
  • Infrastructure & Architecture Audit
  • Cloud migration & hosting
  • G-cloud 12 framework
  • Framework Cloud architecture optimization
  • Usability reviews & audit
  • Graphical & web design
  • Corporate identity
  • SEO
  • Audit & Web analytics
  • Pay per click campaigns
  • Performance marketing
  • Business Analysis
  • Infrastructure & Architecture Audit
  • Application-wide audit
  • Technical guidance
  • Implementation partnership
  • Innovation assessment
  • Funding consulting


We believe in good ideas, even more in those which could positively impact our lives if put into practice. With our tech skills and expertise, we’re eager to see some big ideas being implemented. From consulting services aimed at obtaining funds to access to innovative technologies and know-how and, finally, to integrated end-to-end services for project implementation, we cover it all.

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