Cyber Security Training

Build capability and awareness with Zitec Workshops & Trainings, by training, educating and rehearsing your plans and processes.

Security Awareness Service

Security Awareness as a Service

To stop attackers, employees need to be made aware of cyber security techniques. It is pivotal to keep pace with any on-going service that combines Security Awareness Trainings with recurring Phishing Campaigns. Being aware of spear phishing emails, phishing campaigns and attacks based on social engineering is a step forward in staying protected.

Concerns included, but are not limited to:

  • Phishing awareness and learnings on how to recognize and deal with potential phishing emails and email security;
  • Password security and what constitutes a strong password;
  • Privacy issues awareness and instructions on safeguarding your customers’ sensitive data, your partners, employees and company;
  • Compliance, covering compliance for HIPAA, PCI and GDPR;
  • CEO/wire fraud and Social Engineering fraud to avoid divulging confidential information.

Who should attend:

All employees, but most recommended for:

  • Web users and software engineers
  • Executives and Senior-level management
  • Non-technical employees (HR, Finance etc.)

What will attendees learn?

The goal of these programs is to teach users and employees to understand their role in helping to combat security breaches. Employees will be made aware of proper cyber hygiene, and will discover what security risks can be associated with their own activities, as well as how to avoid being a victim of email or web cyber attacks.

Developers Security Training

Developers Security Training

As developers are skillful builders of applications, they are put on the front line of defense against security threats. Zitec’s Developers Security Training services are designed to equip your technical team with the right security information and tools that are applied to technologies including PHP, .Net, Cloud security, Adobe (Magento).

Concerns included, but are not limited to:

  • Brainstorming the building, testing and deployment of web application;

  • Understanding the importance of building and checking secure APIs;

  • Blockers when exploiting and solving security issues for front-end and back-end web applications;

  • How to set up the right security tools applied to technologies such as PHP, .Net, Cloud security, Adobe (Magento).

Who should attend:

  • Web developers;
  • Software engineers;
  • Technology workers using technical skills to facilitate their operations;
  • Employees leveraging the power of technology within their organizations;
  • Career builders and professionals ready to build on their existing coding skills.

What will attendees learn?

Each module aims to train you in security development areas which will further augment and improve your existing development skills. Developers and architects will learn to find and review security hotspots and detect vulnerabilities and injection flaws.
Technical Data Protection Training

Technical Data Protection Training

Tech employees are sometimes unfamiliar with all legal data protection requirements. Zitec’s Technical Data Protection Bootcamp facilitates GDPR basics for your tech team. We set the foundation for the software application development required by GDPR, and offer a set of strategies to secure the privacy, availability, and integrity of your data.

Concerns included, but are not limited to:

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) basics;

  • Understanding the principle foundation for the software application development required by GDPR;

  • Risk assessments;

  • Backups and how to prevent data and information loss;

  • User error or technical malfunction;

  • Encryption and access controls.

Who should attend:

  • Anyone in the public or private sector;
  • Employees who require in-depth knowledge of data protection and GDPR;
  • Project and record managers;
  • Information security professionals;
  • Compliance & Data protection officers;
  • Risk and privacy consultants entrusted with the organization GDPR compliance.

What will attendees learn?

The attendees will be able to explain what GDPR is and how to best store Personal Data within the business’ software. You will learn to outline the fundamentals of developing an infrastructure conforming to the principles of the regulation. Tackle any data-related issues including data privacy, general data protection and compliant data access requests.


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Security trends, predictions, and priorities for businesses in 2022

As every vulnerability on your digital assets or your entire organization can be exploited, the first step in safeguarding your business is to be aware of possible threats. We have compiled a list with the top security trends and predictions in 2022 and beyond, to ensure your network protection and growth.


Zitec’s Workshops & Trainings allow you to build awareness of your plans and processes.

Effective security awareness training helps employees understand proper cyber hygiene. Developers will be trained to use security tools for technologies including PHP, .Net, Cloud security, Adobe (Magento). We will also tackle the GDPR and data protection matters.

Take advantage of our offer:

  • Learnings from knowledgeable experts;
  • Pre- and post- course support;
  • Accelerated training methods;
  • All course materials can be taken home;
  • Onsite and online options available.

Let us help you understand your role in helping us to combat information security breaches. Register now to our training and workshops and become aware of what you can do!

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