Managed Security Services

Ensure your organization is protected by receiving outsourced monitoring and security management for your applications and infrastructure. We can alleviate the information security pressures by guarding you from targeted malware, data theft or any system constraints.


Ignorance of risk prioritization

The severity of dangerous threats can be deceiving, so expertise and prioritization of the overall risk is essential.

Lack of visibility

Asset inventory is fundamental to determine the number of in-scope assets for any risks and which one can be safely patched.

Asset ownership & responsibility

Data owners are required to keep records, update changes and notify potential threats and exposed vulnerabilities.

Poor communication

Poor communication channels between the IT, Security and Management departments subvert the efficiency of the organization.


A fully managed solution means that you will receive advanced threat hunting, detection and responses to software safety threats endpoints, networks, and cloud environments.

Security Pipeline & SecDevOps Services

We focus on the integration of multiple application security checks into your software application development pipeline. These checks can range from SAST (Static Application Security Testing), DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing), Dependency scanning, Secrets detection to Container Scanning. We will prioritize your security controls and be present during the entire software development process.

Continuous Network Security Assessment

Our 360° Attack Surface Mapping helps you to discover your public IP addresses, subdomains, code repositories hosted on external vendors, leaked employees credentials, old and unreferenced web pages, discontinued web 3-rd party subdomains that can be hijacked. Receive a weekly or monthly report with all the new gaps identified in your external infrastructure (depending on your subscription).

Security Awareness as a Service

This service combines Security Awareness Trainings with Phishing Campaigns. Although a phishing campaign can occur over several months, Spear Phishing Emails are the triggers that become increasingly harder to be detected by humans. This model for security management regards the knowledge an organization possesses with respect to the protection of physical and informational assets.

Cloud Security Governance

Our team of specialists provides AWS Security, GCP Security and Azure Security, as we will monitor any changes that might appear in your cloud infrastructure. To ensure everything stays secure, our experts will offer consultancy for the implementation and configuration of the cloud-native security solutions that aim to add safety to every infrastructure layer, so that your business targets are achieved.

Application Security

Regular Security Assessments such as Penetration Testing, Secure Code Review, or Vulnerability Scanning are at our core. Our team ensures continuous security monitoring of your app security posture. During the Secure Code Review we focus on: Authentication, Authorization, Session Management, Data Validation, Error Handling, Logging and Encryption that may lead to DOS.

Vulnerability Management

You will receive a Vulnerability Scanning assessment on a monthly basis. This attempts to identify, classify, and remediate liabilities in servers and systems. Also, we can help you with the Patch Monitoring process and provide explicit guidance for OS Hardening. We can advise you on how to manage and regularly update the missing software patches in your hybrid, cloud or non-premise network.


We provide every business with adaptable and customized perspectives and techniques directed to their needs.


Initially, our team of experts defines the scope of a test, the systems that need to be addressed and the testing methods to be used.


Discovery activities aim to help our security specialists in determining which ports and services were available for targeted hosts.


Our penetration testers aim to identify any potential security weaknesses, which lead to the exploitation of those vulnerabilities.


The final phase of the security audit implies a comprehensive report outlining the findings, remediation steps and our risks approach.


We enable continuous monitoring of your infrastructure to discover the slightest issues in your system.


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Your quick guide to Microsoft Azure Security

Maintaining digital assets safe on any cloud platform has become increasingly difficult to achieve. For this reason, we compiled a Quick Guide that brings to front the most essential aspects of keeping your Microsoft Azure subscription and assets safe.


To eliminate any incidents that could compromise your business, Zitec brings adaptable and customized techniques specially designed for your needs, managed methods, monitoring and management for your devices.

With a 360 approach, vulnerabilities are scanned and security audits are performed with the remediation scope in mind. Our consultancy aims to go directly to the implementation of the cloud-native security solutions, adding safety to every layer of your network.

Do you want to ease the pressures related to information security? Contact us and we can protect you from targeted malware, customer data theft or resource constraints.

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