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At Zitec, we hold the necessary expertise to modernize all types of solutions.
Wherever you are on your cloud journey, our experts will help you transform your business
with technical and commercial expertise in application modernization and Azure.

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12+ Years’ experience with Microsoft Azure
300+ Happy clients all over the world
35+ Highly-trained Microsoft specialists
20+ Countries in which we provide services


Discover how Azure’s capabilities and built-in services help you optimize business processes, extend effectiveness, and empower your team.


Reduced Customer TCO

Reduce complexity by eliminating ongoing customer support costs, lowering customer adoption price, and cutting upfront infrastructure value.

Client Opportunities

Get visibility to new customers, reduce technical requirements, extend your reach, and access new marketplaces and regions.

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage insights from data aggregated across applications. Azure offers unparalleled capabilities to build a consolidated data asset from your service.

Automation & DevOps

Minimize any manual steps and build end-to-end automation across development, testing, deployment, and operations to improve delivery quality.

Security & Compliance

Use multi-layered, built-in security controls, and unique threat intelligence from Azure to help identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats.

Ongoing Support

As a Gold Cloud Platform Microsoft partner, we can help your organization use the cloud in an effective and cost-efficient manner.


Lots of money is invested into building or maintaining the legacy systems and solutions, and the outdated software infrastructures. This can lead to various risks, such as: security threats, business interruptions caused by poor performance, as well as the unwanted loss of customers that expect superior services, speed, and performance from their service providers.

If you’re someone  who develops, markets, and sells software solutions that run on third party software and hardware platforms, looking to maximize your cloud investment, or are just starting to transform your business, the Zitec team can help with your Azure Cloud Migration success.


For the past few years, we have helped numerous businesses across the globe move the existing workloads to or develop
new, secure and scalable applications in Azure.


Through the adoption of Microsoft Azure Cloud technology, you gain access to the right resources and tools that can accelerate your business, grow the revenues and reach more customers. Our team of cloud application and infrastructure experts will accelerate your journey to the cloud and get you there securely and smoothly.

1Assessment & Migration Services (Envisioned Cloud)

1.Cloud Adoption Strategy

  • Envisioning workshop
  • Business outcomes definition
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Digital estate rationalization 
  • Architectural plan definition
  • Project prioritization
  • Costs & ROI forecast

2.Cloud Migration

  • Data infrastructure lift-and-shift migration
  • Data migration
  • Backup implementation
  • Disaster recovery
  • App re-platforming
  • Application Deployment Automation

2Transformation Services (Optimized Cloud)

1.Cloud Infrastructure Audit

  • Resource usage analysis
  • Cost efficiency analysis
  • Infrastructure architecture analysis
  • Performance efficiency analysis

2.Application Modernization

  • Application containerization 
  • Container orchestration
  • Data re-architecturization and migration
  • Integration of serverless concepts 
  • DevOps pipeline implementation
  • Highly Available Setups

3Productivity & Collaboration

1.Modern Workplace migration

  • Cloud-based email setup and migration
  • Document & file collaboration setup 
  • Content migration
  • Office applications adoption
  • Online meeting management via Microsoft Teams
  • Device management and security

4Reselling Services (Direct Cloud)

1.Microsoft Azure

  • Offline (invoice-based) billing 
  • Wire transfer payments
  • Cost control services 
  • Access to direct support 
  • Free of charge Microsoft support

2.Microsoft 365

  • Offline (invoice-based) billing 
  • Wire transfer payments
  • Cost planning 
  • Access to direct support 

3.Power BI

  • Offline (invoice-based) billing 
  • Wire transfer payments
  • Access to direct support 
  • Free of charge Microsoft support 

5Training Services

1.Microsoft Azure

  •  Foundations: infrastructure services (compute, networking, storage), basic data management
  • Advanced: DevOps, advanced data management, identity management, API integrations

2.Microsoft 365

  •  Foundations: user management & single sign-on, service provisioning, data migration, productivity best practices, cloud storage

3.Power BI

  • Foundations: integrating with various data sources, data visualization basics


Building Romania’s largest digitally-enabled logistics company


Accelerate your move to Microsoft’s Azure platform, plan smarter, capitalize on opportunities, collaborate better, and launch faster.


Discover & Assess

Our team will conduct a high-level assessment to understand the next steps for your cloud migration.


Design, Plan & Prioritize

We will produce an Azure Application Framework specifically for your app to make it secure, performant, and highly available.


Migrate & Modernize

Zitec will execute the migration plan, and move your app to Azure using automated deployment methods.


Monitor & Manage

We will ensure that your app is secure, available and performant through designated alerting and monitoring systems.


Discover how Azure’s capabilities and built-in services help you optimize business processes, extend effectiveness, and empower your team.

Whether you are looking to accelerate your move to cloud, need extra expertise to manage your existing Azure environment or look to modernize your solution by leveraging Azure’s PaaS features, our team of DevOps, infrastructure and software engineers are available to help along every step of your journey.

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